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My name is Sergey Malaykin. I am a copywriter and a brand strategist. I also create brand names. My clients are private businesses, startups, advertising agencies, brand consultancies and design studios.

I helped dozens of startups to get a brand and created over 100 registered brand names.
Got used to deal with creative people and know the ropes of registration and protection of the TMs.


I dive into your business in search for words and symbols echoing in the hearts of your clients.
My product for you is a registered TM including your fully protected logo as well as a brand tagline, site, presentation, brochure etc. With me you get a well-tailored creative product.


Brand name

Three presentations of 10 unique names in every presentation. I carefully check each name with online tools.
Time term  — 10-20 working days.


Brand protection

Legal checkup of the proposed names.
Application to Rospatent and legal support until the receipt of a registered TM certificate
Time term — min. 6 monthes.


Brand start

Brand name, logo, design system
(i.e. fonts, color palette, graphics, illustrations, photos). Simple and easy brand guidelines up to 40 pages. 
Time term (name & logo) — min. 40 days, registration — min. 6 monthes.



Mann, Ivanov & Ferber house published my book about the intricacies of the brand naming. It's in Russian as yet.   

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«Fast, Cheap, and Good…pick two. If it’s fast and cheap it won’t be good. If it’s cheap
and good it won’t be fast. If it’s fast and good it won’t be cheap»

Jim Jarmush

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